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Immigrant Wine Growers Shape Napa Valley

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See Immigrant Wine Growers Shape Napa Valley (html), online now, including vintner interviews (Black CoyoteCeja,  Lavoro, Marita’s Vineyard, Robledo, Tricycle), Trond’s Wine Picks (Maritas’ Vineyard Cab, Rios Wine’s Mixco and Robledo’s Cab) and links to the Napa Valley Wine Scene.  A paper version is available for free in the streets of Boston and New York City. Also, see this blog’s list of all Color Magazine Wine Columns.

The American Dream always awakes and inspires recent immigrants. Napa Valley is no exception. Charles Krug, a 27-year-old Prussian immigrant, founded the first winery in 1861. Other Europeans, particularly Italians, Germans and French, followed. In 1966, Robert Mondavi, of Italian descent, built Napa Valley’s first major winery and shaped the Valley into one of the most important wine growing regions in the world. Well, so much for romantic history.


Arguably, the wine industry is now being transformed by another immigrant wave, the Hispanics, who bring with them their own ways of thinking about community, ownership, quality, tradition and terroir, and not always in unison.

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