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Here is a small selection of wine 2.0 sites where you can let wine guide you to people or vice versa:  Cork’dGrapestoriesKrushed GrapesVinCellar etc.


Adegga: social discovery tool where you can get recommendations from people you know.

Cork’d: wine 2.0 site and newsletter.

87/100: Cork’d was formerly simply an online wine community with a very basic interface. Despite its quite poorly developed interactive features, it is among the more useful places online to share wine experiences. After Gary V bought Cork’d it is poised to become  the ” pulse on the wine world and an online playground for all things wine”. I must admit I frequent the site less and less, quite possibly because of the web 2.0 overload out there (reviewed 18 Oct 2010 by trondau).

Grapestories: Wine Reviews & Cellar Management Tool by Erik Le Vine, mastermind behind Cellartracker.

88/100: Grapestories is a beta version of the useful, yet antiquated tool Cellartracker, but for some reason, choosing between them feels a bit like choosing between, apples and pears, or more aptly, choosing between Apple and Windows. The strange thing is, I prefer the original retro-look with more content hitting each eyeball (reviewed 18 Oct 2010 by trondau).

Krushed Grapes: the sexy solo debut album of Hanif-Jamiyl aka “CabCabernet” brings hip hop and R&B to the topic of wine and a bit beyond. “Krushed Grapes is a lifestyle. The lifestyle of enjoying life to the fullest. Millions of us aspire to this life. This is our community.”

Open Bottles: a social discovery and learning tool for wine founded in 2005 by Sagi Solomon, based on what your friends (and others in our community) recommend.

Tastewine: a social store that helps you discover new wines and friends with similar taste.

85/100: Tastewine is a very basic concept based on the idea that people have clear preferences in terms of wine. However, even though the notion of a TasteID is appealing, it is almost impossible to execute well. The site may work well for beginners or as a complement to your own experimentation, but can quickly become a straitjacket  (reviewed 18 Oct 2010 by trondau).

VinCellar: online wine cellar management system and online community.

88/100: Any wine cellar management tool only appeals to a specific type of wine geek with a lot of time and collector’s itch installed. However, I must admit that the statistics provided by the site are quite cool: Total # wines 643,741, Total # bottles 3,737,850, Total value $693,014,733, Tasting notes 52,906, Bottles consumed/day 484  (reviewed 18 Oct 2010 by trondau).

ViniVino: wine social network.

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