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What are the most useful points of reference for sociology of wine? I have divided them into nine categories: Methods, Passions, People, Places, Policies, Society, Statistics, Wines and Words. Each will (in time) contain reviewed links, selected by myself and aided by my readers.

Methods: how to research the sociology of wine, including both qualitative and quantitative methods and tailored to both consumers and wine professionals of all backgrounds.

Passions: showcasing particularly intense involvement with wine, such as brands, consumer types, education, trends, pictures showing wine enthusiasm, symbols, wine lists, wine movies, wine philosophies, social movements, and wine syllabi.

People: the key academics, bloggers, bottle shops, conglomerates, consultants, critics,  distributors, hotels, importers, journalists, networks, restaurants, retailers, sommeliers, vintners, wholesalers, and wineries that constitute the global wine community.

Places: the countries, regions and cities relevant to the world of wine.

Policies: the standards, regulations, and certifications of wine.

Society:  a place-holder for whatever becomes of the chapter on global trends, developments, actors, and places.

Statistics:  interesting facts and numbers about wine, the wine industry and the wine community from government, non-profit and for-profit sources worldwide.

Wines: the bottles, grapes, styles, and different types of wines out there.

Words: academic articles, books, journals, reports, vocabulary, and wine web sites.

If there are web pages or fulltext versions available, I will link it up directly. Otherwise, I will link to the page, author’s web page or similar.

Please contribute to this work in progress by adding your comments. To distinguish this listing from anything else out there today, I want this to become a peer-reviewed resource. Clearly distinguishing the most valuable resources will save time and lead to a higher level of enjoyment, analysis, and consumer power. For now, I will start with a wider listing, and I will add a short review of the resource wherever possible. Follow the links, experience, learn, and by all means, feel free to contribute!

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