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The aim with this list of bloggers is to provide a sample of the best wine bloggers and blogs around the world with a short review of their location, relevance, and impact. We often forget that bloggers live in a place (or two) which colors what they write about. The aim is not to list all of the best wine blogs although I have provided links to such lists at the bottom of the page.



Jean-Luc Thunevin: maintains two blogs. English blog and French blog.


Joe Roberts, CSW, based in Philadelphia, PA, USA, with the blog 1WineDude

Alder Yarrow, based in San Francisco, CA, USA, with the blog Vinography

89/100: Great structure, well written, essential resource on wine and food for San Francisco based folks and beyond. Contains book-, restaurant-, wine reviews and more. This is a very established looking wine blog from a frontrunner in the field.

Josh Wade, Spokane, WA, USA, with the blog

Top Wine Blogger articles or lists maintained by others:

Please feel free to comment if you know a blogger who deserves to be included in this list.

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