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Rosé Wine: Good or Great?

A glass being full of rosé wine

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Summer brought bliss and blush. Rosé wine towered wine displays everywhere. It has been enjoyable, right? You must admit it was fun. But can you honestly admit to your friends that you prefer blush to bizarre in wine. Or, are you ashamed of it? Is rosé good or great?

For the full article, see Rosé Wine: Good or Great? (html),  Color Magazine USA, Ed. 40, September 2011.

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Wine as Education

Wine is more than just a drink these days. We attend wine tastings, events and courses. We buy wine tasting kits. We drive down wine trails visiting vineyards. Some even take exams on the matter. We want to know what we are doing. We want expertise. Why?

For the full article, see Wine as Education (html),  Color Magazine USA, Ed. 39, August 2011.


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